Jamie Meckel, Licensed Massage Therapist
Independent Contractor Conveniently Located At Riverside Day Spa

Testimonials & Reviews

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"I have been a client of Jamie's for more than a year now, and, for the first time in a decade, it has been a year free from back pain.  Having never had massage therapy before, I was unsure of the process and what, if any, benefits I could expect.  From the first session, I was won over.  Jamie's manner immediately put me at ease, and she articulated what her wellness plan was for me. She didn't promise a quick fix - which would have been unrealistic given my history of bulging discs, sciatica problems and numbness in one of my legs.  Instead, she tailored her sessions to work progressively toward my improved health.  Within weeks of beginning, I was essentially pain-free and have remained so for over a year.  I started coming to Jamie at the recommendation of a friend, and I have subsequently recommended her to others.  I truly believe that her skills can benefit a wide range of individuals, and if you are looking for a professional, on-time and capable massage therapist, you could not find a better one than Jamie." 

J. Johnson


I began seeing Jamie for massage therapy after a chronic back injury flared up leaving me in severe pain..  Jamie was able to quickly resolve some of the pain I was having after the first session.  I had been resolving my back pain with medication.  Since I have been having regular massages, I have seen a signifcant reduction in the flare-ups and required less medication.  As an added bonus, my migraine headaches have disappeared.  
V. Loegering